Verdanterra Expands with Land and Right of Way Services

Verdanterra recently added Land and Right of Way services to their energy and infrastructure-focused solutions.

Land and Right of Way services provide energy and utility clients with a third-party representative to facilitate communication and provide support between landowners and our clients. Our team of experienced land agents and right of way experts provides a wide range of services to support linear projects, including ownership permissions, title research and analysis, public outreach, encroachment and distribution support, storm hardening support, acquisition and negotiation, geodatabase management and permitting, relocation planning, document management, eminent domain support, asset and property management support, construction support, and damage settlements. Industry veteran Dan Bucan will be leading this division, supporting projects throughout the planning, routing, design, and construction phases.

“We always are looking for efficient and cost-effective solutions to bring to our clients. Adding Land and Right of Way Services to the Verdanterra’s team was a natural complement to our environmental, engineering, and land survey divisions that already work closely with energy and utility clients across the eastern half of the country. We look forward to providing this service to our clients, and in doing so offering a more comprehensive approach to linear projects.” - Jon Ryan, President of Verdanterra.

To learn more about our Land and Right of Way Services, click here or contact Dan Bucan at 724-200-7562 or via email at


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